Artist Privacy Policy

Lagado is committed to protecting the privacy of all artists. This policy document outlines how information we maintain on artists will be handled.

Personal Information

An exhibition using Lagado Art Services keeps the following personal information on each artist:

  • Artist Name (*) - the name in the catalogue that the buyer uses to identify the creator of the work
  • Contact Name - the person we contact (if not supplied artist name is used)
  • Trading Name - payments are made to this name (if not supplied artist name is used)
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) (if applicable)
  • GST registration status (if applicable)
  • Postal Address (*)
  • Phone Number (*)
  • Email address
  • Web site address (URL)
  • Biography - several lines of text used to promote the artist's style and achievements

(*) These details are required for all exhibition entries; all others are optional. Entries from organisations may use the address and phone number of the organisation.

Public Personal Information

The only details that are made public are:

  • Artist Name
  • Biography
  • Web site address (URL)

These details will only be made public when an artist has chosen to exhibit works in a given exhibition and only in connection with promotion of that exhibition. These public details may appear in the printed and online catalogues along with details of the exhibited artworks. These details may also be used in advertising or editorial promotion of the exhibition.

The online catalogue may continue to be available publicly for some years following the exhibition. An artist may request to have their entry removed or changed if required by contacting the organisers of the exhibition.

Private Personal Information

All personal information listed above which is not listed as public personal information is considered private personal information.

Collection of Personal Information

Prior to each exhibition an invitation to exhibit is sent to artists. This invitation includes an entry form. The entry form is used to supply an artist's personal information. If an artist already has a record with the exhibition the entry form will include the details held in our database. These details should be checked for accuracy and corrected if necessary.

Changing Your Personal Information

Artists may request a change to their own personal information at any time. This can be done by writing to the organisers of the exhibition.

Use of Personal Information

The artist's private personal information will be only used for the running of the exhibition. That includes sending invitations to exhibit and payments for sales. Enquiries from the public may be passed from the exhibition organisers to the artist.

The artist's public personal information will be only used for the running and promotion of the exhibition.

No other use will be allowed unless required by law or authorised by the artist.

Contacting Artists

All contact with artists will be made by the exhibition organisers.

Lagado will not contact artists. To do otherwise we must be instructed in writing by exhibition organisers.

Who has Access to Personal Information

The artist's private personal information will be accessed only by the exhibition organisers and it's supplier of information services, Lagado. All people with access will be bound by this privacy policy and required to take care that all personal information is handled in a way that conforms to the policy.

No other access will be allowed unless required by law or authorised by the artist.

Protecting Personal Information

Computer systems will be maintained with a high level of security to protect personal information as required by this policy.

When paper containing private personal information is no longer required it will be shredded or burned.

Any electronic medium containing private personal information which is no longer required will be erased or made unreadable. (eg: compact disks should be cut in half with scissors)

For More Information

You can find more about Lagado on our web site at

For more information about privacy in Australia see

Please contact us with any further questions.

This policy last revised 9 July 2004