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Accurate Time


The time shown above is the accurate time shown in your local time. The server continually synchronizes its time with accurate global sources so it should be accurate to less than one second.

If this page returned soon after you requested it the local time should be close to the time on your device. The line below the time tells you how close. If they differ by 30 minutes or more first check the timezone and daylight saving settings on your device are correct for your location. If you made a change refresh this page.

This page is set so that it should not be cached by any proxies including stealthed transparent proxies.

If time accuracy is critical to you please make sure you take further steps to check the time.

You can also check the time at This should match the accurate time shown above.

Find out more about accurate time at:
D. J. Bernstein: Time
SlashDot: Do You Have The Time?

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